Macedonian Medical Student’s Association in nongovernmental, non-profitable, student’s Association which unites all medical students in Republic of Macedonia, and from this year also the students from other science directions on the Medical Faculty-Skopje.

The very beginning of MMSA, dates from the days of establishing the Medical faculty in Skopje and later that non-formal medical student community is official and become the Association of Social Youth. Later transformation is made in Association of students on Medical Faculty-Skopje and this organization is valid till 1998 when it is reformed with the constitutional law for citizen community and foundations and renamed in Macedonian Medical Student’s Association and functions till nowadays.
Macedonian Medical Student’s Association is a IFMSA member from 1954 as a part of Yugoslavian Medical Student’s Association and from 1994 as Macedonian Medical Student’s Association MMSA. Doesn’t matter that MMSA is one of the smallest country members it is one of the most prestigious countries because of the quality of working, outstanding ideas which reformed IFMSA and the capability of its members.