Boot Camp

Boot Camp

February 6, 2019 News 0

It is our genuine pleasure to once again present to you the most interesting and electrifying event of the year- the Boot Camp. 
The Boot Camp is organised by the Macedonian Medical Student Association (MMSA) and will take place in Hotel Popova Shapka, at Popova Shapka from 22nd Feb – 24th Feb 2019. This experience is meant to educate students on handling/preserving their social life whilst preparing to one day pursue a doctor’s career. Hence, there will be workshops and interactive games as well as social events with a party-like fragrance. 
The Boot Camp is a wonderful opportunity to get to know more of your fellow colleagues, to acquire new experiences and skills, and to learn more about MMSA and the International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA). 
The registration fee is 2400 denars, transport included, and 2100 denars, transport excluded. Registration is available until 11th Feb 2019, 11:59pm (information about payment will be sent to you via e-mail). For any additional information feel free to contact us at

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