Professional Exchanges


The Standing Committee of Professional Exchanges, SCOPE, is a link in a chain of boards of the Macedonian Medical Students’ Association, most accountable for the connection and relationship with other member organizations of IFMSA. Our goal is to provide a month-long practical experience for motivated and ambitious students at a clinic in one of the countries with which we have a cooperative relationship.  Likewise, we are also open to host foreign students coming to Macedonia for the same reason. The board works continuously throughout the year and it demands devotion, endurance, and communication with fellow organizations on daily bases.

Every year, more the 13.000 medical students apply to travel abroad to foreign countries and cultures to explore their health care and educational systems. We accomplish this by establishing a network of locally and internationally active students that facilitate the regular access to explorative and clinical/professional exchange projects, usually lasting four weeks. Through our exchange program, we also aim to develop the culturally sensitive students and experienced explorers, helping them shape the future world of science and medicine. Our exchange program is a key promoter of the international understanding and collaboration amongst medical students and health workers.