Executive Board


When you say work, it’s us. When you say fun, it’s us. When you say friends, it’s us. When you say family, it’s us again.

Professionally, the Macedonian Medical Student’s Association (MMSA), is a volunteer, non- profitable, non- governmental,student’s organization, that unites all the students from the Medical Faculty in Skopje, Macedonia “ St. Cyril and Methodius”, but it also connects all the students from all of the other Medical Faculties in Macedonia.

The very first beginnings of Macedonian Medical Student’s Association date back since the establishment of The Medical Faculty in Skopje, Macedonia, the year 1947.

With all of it’s activities, MMSA tries to include all the medical student’s needs, in order to improve the medical educational standards. Our vision is to gain a qualitative medical personnel, doctors that will face the medical problems more seriously and more responsibly, and will be striving for medical and ethical professionality.

MMSA has a unique vision- To elongate every medical student’s vision, to move their reachable limits upwards, to empower them to take more action in their student’s life than the university’s education. MMSA gives another perspective of the life as a medical student. We encourage every medical student to be part of something much bigger, to gain skills that will help them in every sphere of their furtherlife and career.

In MMSA you will learn how to develop a project, how to impact the students, the general population and the globe, how to inspire, how to implement, how to work in a team, how to solve problems.

MMSA aims towards a world in which all the medical student’s are united in order to improve the global health and are fulfilled with knowledge, skills and values to actively take over leadership roles, locally and globally.