An IMSC Ambassador is someone involved in the area of Health Sciences who identifies themselves with the IMSC’s purposes and is willing to advertise the event among peers, showing interest in international opportunities.
The ambassadorship program gives you the chance to benefit from the promotion of our event, allowing you to become greatly involved with the IMSC. The role of the ambassador will be to work hand in hand with the Public Relations department of the organizing committee, helping IMSC reach as many people around the globe and eventually its full potential.
This includes sharing any important information on their social media as well as confirming the minimum number of participants for receiving the ambassadors discount.

How will this work? – The ambassador will get a promotional code for 10% discount on registration fees that they will be able to distribute among their colleagues – this way all the participants ensured by the ambassador get a discount (by entering the given code in the registration form) and also, we would know which participants are registered through the ambassador. If the ambassador ensures 8 participants, he/she will receive the full registration package for free! If they ensure 4-7 participants – they get a 50% discount on the full registration package. And even in the unfortunate event that they are not able to ensure these minimum number of participants, they can use the promotional code for 10% discount for themselves.

Any student is eligible to apply, with the only condition being that they work efficiently and skillfully, fulfilling their role as our media partner.
We hope you take on this challenging role and we look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Would you like to become our Ambassador? If the answer is “yes”, fill the form belove!!!

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